Stage Shows

Yann offers three different stage shows:

“Offenbarung” (German for “Revelation”) is Yann’s latest show. 90 minutes of astonishing clairvoyance. But how do you make entertaining predictions about the future when our real future is threatened by an ever hotter planet? Offenbarung offers a hilarious ride into the apocalypse. Find dates here.

“Brainstorm” is full of psychological mentalism. Yann seems to manipulate the thoughts and actions of his spectators with a flick of his hand like any old Jedi.
Duration: 10-60 minutes

“The Mind_Hacker” revolves around the latest developments in AI, machine learning and Big Data. Yann uses futuristic software to unlock our brains and reveal our dependance on technology in the most entertaining way. His signature “Amazon”-act is part of this show.
Duration: 10-90 Minutes

All shows can be performed in either English or German.
If you can fly him in, Yann will perform anywhere on earth – or beyond for that matter.